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Looking for an assessment of the quality, potential and value of your intellectual property or research project? Do you want to know when your license your IP and suitable licensing strutures? Or is an outright sale advantageous? How much equity in my company do I have as an investor?

Acuity Technology Management has twenty years of experience applying its knowledge of science and engineering to the evaluation of creativity and innovation. Over this time it has helped over 500 clients, many on multiple occasions, commercialize, invest in or receive investment, license or sell their discoveries.

Our strengths are in our up-to-date knowledge of many fields of science and technology, access to market research tools and skills in financial modeling.

We dissect research projects to understand and highlight key attributes and uniqueness, explore the skills of research staff and their resources, and provide advice on IP management.
We undertake market research to quantify the commercial potential and competitiveness of a project or patent.

We analyze budgets and costs to complete development, field testing and commercial launch.

Based on the above information we will prepare financial models covering pre- and
post-commercialization phases and use a variety of tools to prepare a valuation of the intangible
asset, in-process R&D or patent. Appropriate modeling will aid you in ongoing project management,
determination of appropriate license fees and royalties, and selling price or equity investment value.

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