Intellectual property valuation

Acuity Technology Management is the leading organisation providing IP valuations in Asutralia and the region. We differentiate ourselves through insightful analysis of the technology and its underlying knowhow and expertise, its field of application, competitive position and markets.

Valuations draw on a variety of advanced and evolving techniques to place a realistic value, or range of values, on the IP. These include:

  • Cost based methods
  • Market based methods
  • Revenue based methods, including probability adjusted
    discounted cash flow and real options analysis.
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    please forward a request to

Valuations may be used for:

  • Purchase price allocation in a business combination
  • Impairment testing of indefinite-lived intangible assets
  • Monitoring a research program's progress
  • Prioritising projects and resource allocations
  • Negotiating sales or licences by understanding the value to acquirer and vendor
  • Structuring milestone payments and royalties to achieve optimal deal
  • Setting the value of shares and stocks in a capital raising
  • Establishing an employee options program.
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