expert reports

Acuity Technology Management undertakes due diligence on companies and projects and prepares independent reports for inclusion in fund raising documents, such as Prospectuses and Information Memoranda.

We will independently review the status of research, the capabilities of researchers, patent position, research plans and budgets, markets and competition to provide potential investors with an assurance that a company's claims are realistic whilst alerting them to the risks.

The company has prepared expert reports for over 60 organisations, including:

  • Acrux
  • Actium Research (Canada)
  • Aerosonde
  • BioDiem
  • Biotron
  • Cellestis
  • ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Clinuvel
  • CogState
  • Cennerv Pharma (Singapore)
  • Eastland Medical Systems (Australia and UK)
  • Ecobiotics
  • Genesis R&D Corporation (New Zealand)
  • IX Biopharma (Singapore)
  • Imugere
  • Living Cell Technologies (NewZealand)
  • Marshall Edwards
  • Medigen Biotechnology (Taiwan)
  • Medigard Mesoblast
  • Norwood Abbey
  • Omni Telecommunications
  • Peplin Biotech
  • Phosphogenics
  • Prana Biotechnology
  • Race Oncology
  • Starpharma
  • Vital Biotech (Hong Kong)
  • Virionyx (New Zealand)
  • Vividas
  • Xenion
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